First Time at the Fair


We were in our first fair at the beginning of July in Fort Worth, TX. I was a little nervous  if anyone would be interested in the bags. The day before the fair I took off work to get ready and finish up sewing and prepping the materials I would need for the table.  I thought one day would be enough to get ready…I was dead wrong. I did my best to get everything done in one day but towards the midnight hour my sister Whitney came and helped me in my last minute scrambles. She was so sweet and stayed up with me to 1AM getting the materials ready for the fair, sewing bags, painting signs, and putting together a garland from scraps to hang around the tent frame. Thanks to Whitney we got it all done in time. We brought a tent frame to hang the bags from and the garlands made the space cheery. We used old sheets and lace table cloth for our table and some baskets from the thrift store to hold rubber band bounded bags.


We had a cute little table at the VMarket, a pop up market that supports local business in the area that are doing good for the people and the environment and  are also vegan. They had a great assortment of vendors there from vegan cheese and popsicles, to T-Shirts with really neat prints (V Apparel), and pottery. The vendors that were located on our sides were Elise Pottery and Wayne’s Popcorn. Elise had such a cute assortment of handmade pottery pieces. You have to check out her page and see her cute coffee mugs. Wayne’s Popcorn always had a line with all of the free samples he was providing. His stuff was so good he sold out  3 of his 5 flavors.

20160709_145238With so many neat things to purchase at the V Market, many people came to us to get a bag to carry all of their stuff. Many were excited to find out that the bags were made from upcycled curtains and sheets. One bag that got a lot of attention was the Pocahontas bag hanging up at the front of the tent. Around 20 people stopped and touched it as they talked about how much they loved her as a child. Finally someone decided to by her and they were so excited. We also had this orange and brown bag made of vintage sheets that received two different reactions. One lady loved it because she grew up with sheets like that, while another lady hated the print because it reminded her of an old wallpaper in her house in the 70's and purchased another bag. So funny how an old print can bring back such different emotional memories. It was neat to see kids and adults connect with the old prints. They not only knew the bag was good for the earth for the obvious reasons (less plastic bags and made from upcycled materials) but they also emotionally connected to the prints, the story of where the bag came from, and how it would be doing good for the environment, and for the people (as 25% of the profits go to help a local food pantry).

Two Bags

Well, that fair was a success and we had such great support from the visitors of the market! To see where we will pop up next, check out our Facebook page and if you can't make it out to see us at a pop up market or fair, check out our Etsy Store.