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Did you know that according to the 2015 USDA Economic Research Report, 14% of Americans lacked access to enough food at some time in 2014? And that every time you purchase a bag from HASOM Bags you are providing 10 lbs of food to a family in need? Here at HASOM bags we are not only about helping the environment  but we are also about giving back to the community. That is why we donate a portion of profits to our local food bank. This week we wrote our first check to PaPa’s Pantry, and it is all thanks to everyone out there who is walking around with a HASOM bag. If it were not for your purchase that would not have been possible!

20160804_135308PaPa’s Pantry, also known as The Somervell County Food Bank, is located in Somervell County, Texas. This is one of the smallest counties in Texas with around 3,000 households. The food bank has been supplementing food needs for families in Somervell County since 1980.  PaPa’s Pantry has a passion for serving their fellow citizens, helping to fill the gap between what their check cannot IMG_1180cover and the plate, making sure they always know they will have something to eat. Papa’s serves approximately 120-150 families a month, with 90% of the food coming from the Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB). Recently, in March of 2015, Papa’s Pantry moved locations to a brand new and larger facility, which was fully paid for by Somervell County residents. They do their best to not only supply their clients with non-perishables such as canned goods and boxed food, but they also do an amazing job finding produce, meats, eggs, diapers, and even feminine products. This larger facility comes with more storage and a large freezer and fridge which is allowing Papa’s to keep more perishables longer. Not only does their program support families who are trying to make ends meet, they also do a great job in supporting the seniors in their community. The pantry also provides a delivery service to those that are unable to leave their homes.

Debbi, the director of the food bank, accepting the check.

Their Director, Debbi Bly, and her amazing team of volunteers have been doing a fantastic job running the pantry and we at HASOM Bags wanted to support the community and the pantry by contributing a portion of our profits. Debbi mentioned that their expenses to run the food bank are around $2,500 a month, with food being the biggest expense, which they purchase from the TAFB. We have only been in action since the beginning of April (check out our origin story), but thanks to your purchases, we were able to donate $205 from our first 4 months of sales!! That $205 will turn into 2,050 lbs. of food for the food bank, which will help around 20 families for a month! Look what we as a community accomplished in the first 4 months! We cannot wait to see how much more we can raise for organizations like PaPa’s Pantry in the future.

Purchase a bag today or donate directly to Papa's Pantry or another local food bank near you.




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